Flutter from a 17-year-old guy’s point of view

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I have been using Flutter for 5 months. I want to share with you my experiences. I have always wanted to program my own mobile application and I saw many presentations about Flutter by Filip Hráček from Google or Tomáš Zvěřina from GDE. I decided to start with Flutter at the begging of January when I bought a lection on Udemy. I recommend checking it. Looking backward it was a great step.

During coding my first application I learned Flutter basics like a stateful and stateless widget. It is very important to understand the difference between them. I was needed to learn a new programming language Dart as well. It was totally different because I used to code in JavaScript.

My first application in Flutter is a simple quiz. Some texts, buttons, and a simple algorithm.

My first Flutter quiz app

Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

After that, I have the required knowledge for an app I really wanted to program. Was is it? School grade (mark) calculator. Let me show you an example. In our schools in Czechia, very often each school grade has different importance. For example, the half-year test is the most important one. And from all grades, we get a certificate about how we ware successful during the school year.

My application simply calculates the school grade average. But you can add grades there. Grades that you haven’t gotten yet. And that’s the point.

It was the most difficult thing I’ve done so far. Many custom widgets, many variables and lists, using constructor or gesture detector. This is a summary of my app. Look at my algorithm calculating the average. Btw it’s public on Google Play, so try it yourself!

School grade average algorithm

Finally, wanna share with you some tips as well.

  • Use Dartpad — online Dart editor. You can try to build classes, methods, functions there.
  • Use VS Code. In my opinion, it is the best editor. You can easily install all needed extensions like iOS or Android Emulators.
  • Check on YouTube Flutter Widget of the Week.

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