1st half of 2019 — During these months I created my first project YOLANDA for Deloitte to Singularity University Conference taken in Prague. YOLANDA is a tool for collecting travelers' needs and problems from social networks important for airport management in real-time.

Then I successfully passed the Google Digital Garage Certificate.

June — I have attended my first hackathon — The Voice Travel Hackathon in Kiwi.com HQ in Brno. There I designed my first voice application for Google Assistant. The name of the app is Voice Medic and helps to get the first aid and information about diseases that you can suffer abroad during your traveling. I have met cool people there and learned about Kiwi Student Challenge for the first time.

Afterward, I created a project Voice IceCream. App for IceCream shops and street stands. It contains own web page, the app for Google Assistant and a special page for editing the ice cream menu. Learn more at voiceicecream.com.

July & August — I took part in and won the Kiwi.com Student Challenge with my voice application Sport Travel Agency that is searching flight connections and tickets for sports fans who want to see a live match of their favorite team. Searching is done by voice.

In summer I joined GUG.cz and GDG Brno.

September — I started to code in Python and Kotlin for Android. In Python, I coded super-cool programs like price & discount tracker (I have wanted to buy a new mobile phone, so I tracked the price on Alza.cz — every day it downloads the price of a selected product, save it into the database and compare them. If the price drops, I will get an email.). My next programs were my first game (it is a snake :D ) and a keylogger. I worked on my projects too.

At the end of September, I took part in the Copernicus hackathon in SAB aerospace. Not as an attendee, but as a mentor. I spoke there about the usage of Kiwi.com Tequila in real life and helped the teams with Kiwi API integration.

October — I finally moved to Kotlin. I visited the Kiwi Mobile weekend, where I learned the basics of coding in Kotlin. I created there an Android application showing flavors of ice cream in your favorite stand. The application is connected to Firebase, Google Assistant, and Website.

November — The most exciting month overall came. In the beginning, I was one of the organizers of DevFest, a conference for developers by developers. My job there was looking for possible partnerships. I talked to a lot of super interesting people there. For example, the official Google TV team interviewed me.

I also spoke at the next conference — BrMo. This conference was focused on mobile development. I spoke there about the Future of Voice.

During November, I was working hard on my project called Game for Good. It’s a voice application on Google Assistant designed especially for disabled people with Neuromuscular disease. Game for Good helps people to practice their mind and concentration. The application was made for initiative Google for Good. Check out my 2 min video pitch.

December — I continue with Game for Good, started testing applications and took part in a new amazing challenge. I will let you know in a month :).

Hope 2020 is gonna be twice more successful and exciting as 2019!

Student & Developer, Event Organizer, Technology enthusiast

Student & Developer, Event Organizer, Technology enthusiast