Spending 18 years on Earth.

Featured by Google — running conferences — my first AI startup & much more!

A few days ago, I've turned 18. So I wanted to look back and see how it went and what I achieved.

Videos for Google

After the COVID-19 locked down the world, distance education became real. I helped my school Brno, Videnska Grammar School implement and use G Suite for Education. After a few days of using Google Classroom, Calendar, and other Google tools, I saw other students in my school having problems with the platform. And realized that there are students in other schools with the same problems as well. So I decided to contact Google and we have agreed to record videos for students.

Overall, I recorded five videos. It was amazing and I really enjoyed that. Most of the videos were recorded in my bedroom, but some of them with professionals and a videomaker crew from Google. I was sitting for the first time in front of the camera. All the videos are published on Google Czechia YouTube channel and Google uses them for helping students and school. Check out all the videos here.

Speaking at the Czech Ministry of Education’s conference

After the education videos for Google, I learned what is important and what are the biggest challenges for students. I joined cool speakers at the Czech Ministry of Education and spoke about distance education from the student’s point of view. I shared my experiences, introduced the biggest challenges, or suggested teachers using modern technologies. One of the speakers was, for example, Robert Plaga, the minister of education of the Czech Republic, or Tania le Moigne, Google Director for CEE, or Filip from GUG and GDG.

ADAM Carer — my first AI startup project

In spring 2020, we were needed to choose the topic of my school project at my school. But on the list of the topics, there were super boring things like measuring the water level in a river. I decided to select my own theme. Looking backward, it was a great decision. I wanted to learn how to develop voice applications on Amazon Alexa and was thinking about the topis. It should be something useful, something that has a real impact. I chose the health area — especially Alzheimer’s Disease.

1st place at Sumer Business Bootcamp

I contacted the University of Technology in Brno with the idea and we started cooperating on the project. In summer, I learned about a business bootcamp event for students at JIC (Jihomoravske inovacni centrum). And in five days, I learned the basics of entrepreneurship — what is the lean canvas, how to prepare an action plan, or pitch the projects for investors. After the final presentation, my team won it.

TOP 10 in 75 at Vodafone acclelerator

I learned about another event at JIC focused on presenting for the jury and investors. I instantly applied and got super useful feedback. A few weeks later, I found on Twitter a business accelerator for startups by Vodafone Foundation. And the deadline for signing up was in a few hours. I filled in the registration form and submitted that. In the upcoming days, I received an amazing message — I was selected from 75 startups into TOP 10! I absolutely didn’t expect that.

Winning Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade prize

I attended a hackathon Robothon in January 2021 where my team worked on the demo of ADAM Carer. And we won the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade prize! I am looking forward to cooperating and sharing the idea of the best conferences about artificial intelligence.

AI aplication for people with Alzheimer’s Disease

And what is the Adam Carer? ADAM Carer is a voice application for people disabled with Alzheimer’s Disease. It's similar to Siri on iPhone. ADAM Carer helps with brain training and reminds of forgotten memories or pills.

Also, I work on a mobile application (developed with Flutter and Dart) for patient's family. They can customize tests or check statistics.

Check out my 5 min pitch (in Czech) for the Vodafone Foundation jury or the project’s website for more information.

My first online conference — Flutter onAir

In summer 2020, I was looking for an event about programming in Flutter. Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit for developing natively compiled applications for Android, iOS, and website from a single codebase. I wanted to get better, but there was no conference happening in the summer. So I decided to organize my own one. And in just 2 weeks.

In the first days, I made a website for the conference, chose the date and time. Then contacted amazing Flutter developers fond of speaking at conferences. After that, I contacted Google and the Flutter team shared the conference on Twitter.

Thanks, Katha, Nilay, and Filip from Google for supporting the conference and GUG TV for streaming the event! Overall, I had 6 speakers and 320 registered developers around the world.

Challenges, conferences, and awards

1st place in Kiwi.com Student Challenge.

I learned about Student Challenge during the summer holidays of 2019. It was my first project I worked on. I won first place with an application Sport Travel Agency for searching flight tickets.

3rd place in Kiwi.com Mobile Challenge.

In the COVID lockdown, I learned coding in Flutter and developed my first complex app, game Airline Manager. And won some flight vouchers to try airlines on my own :) (hopefully next year).

Featured GDG Lead

In November, I was nominated by the GDG community and became featured GDG Lead on the Community Leads platform.

Speaker at DartUP conference

Talk at DartUP — in December 2020, my final talk/presentation of the year was at the conference DartUP. I spoke about developing a Flutter ChatBot. I really enjoyed that. Thanks for having me.

My first job as a software dev

My first job as a software developer. During the summer, I was looking for a summer job. I posted on Linkedin that I learned Flutter. And a few days later, I got my first offer as a Flutter Developer at Ventrata. It was an amazing experience, I learned so many new things.

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